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The author of  “The Mask Handbook”, co-founder of  “Trestle Theatre Company” and co-creator of their ubiquitous mask sets, shares his life-long passion for  mask theatre.

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Using mask theatre as part of your drama classes can generate some surprising results. Especially from those students who are not as inherently interested in studying text.

Here are some more reasons why Mask works so well in the classroom.

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At THE MASK WORKSHOP we want to help you introduce and teach masks effectively in the classroom. With over 40 years experience teaching, devising and performing Mask Theatre, we know that masks can inspire, provoke, and challenge your students.  But masks are a specific skill, so introducing and teaching how to devise and perform with masks requires a logical process, starting with pre-mask exercises, through first contact, solo and group improvisation, devising and rehearsal. Become a member of TMW to access targeted content dealing with every aspect of Mask Theatre.


There are no mask scripts. Everything a student does in a mask they have to create themselves. Masks are challenging to use, they impose restrictions on the student concerning what can and cannot be achieved in a mask. Therefore they’re great at unlocking creativity and performance skills, and pushing students to devise work that is relevant, understandable and accessible. We can help your students structure and populate their own work, or add masks to extant text.


With around 40 mask shows under our belt, we understand the restrictions and challenges of performing in masks – and performing well!  We’re here to help teachers and students understand the rehearsal and performance process, from using masks at a basic level in drama lessons to troubleshooting exam pieces.  Rather than stumbling around in the dark, bumping into the furniture – believe me, that’s not a metaphor – let us shine a light on the joys, strictures and vicissitudes of performing in masks. And performing in masks can develop some great aspects of communication skills which will help students in later life.